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SMthings you should know: A closer look at systemic mastocytosis
October 26, 2022
7:00 pm ET / 4:00 pm PT
During this Blueprint Medicines' webinar, a healthcare professional with expertise in diagnosing and treating systemic mastocytosis (SM) will review the causes, symptoms, and impacts of SM as well as how SM is diagnosed, types of doctors that may be involved in the care of SM, and tips for talking with your healthcare team. Next, a Patient Ambassador living with SM will share personal experience with symptoms, identifying triggers and building a community of support. This will be followed by an interactive Q and A session.
Presented By:
Dr. David Kaufman
Allergist, Immunologist
Sarah O.
Patient Ambassador Living with ISM

Blueprint Medicines' disease education events are promotional programs. Healthcare Professionals and Patient Ambassador speakers are compensated to share information on behalf of Blueprint Medicines and do not provide medical advice or discuss Blueprint Medicines' products or investigational compounds.

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